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Diary Entry Arranged Marriages

November 12th

 Dear Diary, today I met a nice woman named Sarah, who went by the store of my parents. She had a smile very nice, a few eyes impressive and its presence was very nice. We went out to eat where we had the opportunity to get to know one another more, she was a British which had been a year ago to India by exchange of the university where he found very nice India and decide to stay here. With so much talk about we step the time until you get to be at night. We took a taxi to go to leave it to your home.

November 13th

I woke up super happy, lower to take breakfast, my mom was doing me some delicious toast, while my dad was reading the newspaper. When we sat down for breakfast my mother looked at me with a face of concern, I asked him what was happening, my dad tells me that I am going to have to marry a woman by the tradition had to be fulfilled, which had been treated with another family when I was a kid. I got up from the table grab my things and I went to see Sarah. I told him what was happening to me and she told me that it was not my duty get married I felt the same, but the tradition was to be fulfilled. 

November 14th 

When I woke up there were grumblings certain noises in the dining room of the house, I got dressed and went down to see who they were. When it comes to the kitchen I saw the family of the daughter they had to get married, they were very friendly the daughter as well, she was nice, but the problem that I don't want to marry her because I am in love with Sara and I would like to start a relationship with her even if they don't know. Even that I said that I didn't want to marry her in the kitchen, given my explanation that it could not be a forced marriage, even when they say the tradition, but my parents and other family understood this, but they had to meet the tradition or whether they would not be breaking the religion.

November 15th 

 Packing my things and I decided to leave my parents, because if I stayed with them could not be happy, so I decided to go to the home of Sara.

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Cry Freedom, Chapter.10

  1. “Woods admired Biko’s attitude, but at the same time was shocked by the risk Biko was taking”. What is the risk Donald refers to?
  2. How did Mapetla die?
  3. Anticipate what you think will happen to Biko in Chapter 11.

  1. Biko has to take some risk, when Mamphela was arrested by the police, Donald refers that biko travels into a white area night, and Biko says: " this is my country ", they travel where he like. And family Woods likes the acttitude of Biko.
  2.  Mapetla was arrestet by the police, and about five days was not know where he was or not any of them, after they know that Mamphela was dead, "they say he hanged himself".
  3. I think that in chapter 11 not only the problems was for Biko , also can be problems to more people , however like a man, that was in the daily dispatch arrested by the pólice.

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    Stereotypes & gender roles

    In this image you can see a mom and her children, and her daugther ask to the mom if she have a payoff in her day (mother's day).

    I select this image, because is so attractive to describe. In my opinion in mother's day she need more a payoff, the daugther and son is more important than a payoff. I think is you ask anyone mother I think she say the most important of his life is her children. If the mother is violated that mom will lover her child of anything of the world.


    Sample text
    What is the title going to be?

    Rugby World Cup: what's in it for the residents of Twickenham?

    Who is going to write the report?

    Drunken fans, traffic chaos, rubbish everywhere – Richmond council wants pubs to close early, but some locals think there should be more of a legacy in return.

    Where did this case take place?

    By Mark Tran, Monday 17 August 2015 19.35 BST
    Last modified on Monday 17 August 2015 19.36 BST

    Start your opening section giving the most important information

    LONDON - It is every resident’s nightmare: inebriated sports fans vomiting or urinating on the streets and into front gardens after a match. Yet this is what lies in store for the residents of leafy Richmond and Twickenham, south-west London, when the Rugby World Cup gets under way next month.






    What is the most important detail?

    Richmond council had a stab at sorting out the problem at the weekend when England beat France 19-14 in a warmup match at Twickenham stadium. Pubs were effectively encouraged to close early, at 10pm, but the decision pleased neither publicans or long-suffering residents, who have to put up with road diversions and rubbish-strewn streets on match days.

    Other details?
    Less important than the first one

    Richmond said those pubs it consulted supported an approach allowing them to “voluntarily restrict entry after 10pm if the pub was full”.

    Less important than the second one

    The least important

    Simple true statements
    Add facts

    Report what someone else said (Add this in the body!)

    Individual oral presentation preparation

    Image 1
    Caption:"Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal!"

    In this image you can see the topic of health, this adult I think he is using steroid to be more stronger. In the caption is refering to the adult, beacause he dont go to stop to going to the gym and take a good body in especial her biceps. The problems of this he is taking steroid and the steroid is an estimulate the muscle and give more energy to work on the gym.

    In my opinion its a bad idea of this man, because he dont know the secundary problems to take steroid in your body.

    Image 2

    Caption: "I love being here, where everything seems new!"

    In this image you can see 1 woman and 1 girl taking a photo, but in what city are they?, the city is Singapur, in this city you can see the evolution in their building and on that statue. The caption is in first person I hin one of two girls say this and is true, beacuse in the image you can see al of these buildings are new, the economy of Singapur is good, because their maintaining her city and the culture, where you can see plasmatic on the statue.

    In my opinion this city is really amazing only seeing the photo, because the photo express all of this city.

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    Health “Eating disorders”: Review of concepts as seen last year

    1.Steroid: Any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterols, bile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specific physiological action. Link 

    Sentence: "Some of the changes make for a stronger steroid."

    2.Purging: To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify. Link

    Sentence: "Jonathan A purging of pot plants from politicians'.

    3.Binge: A period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.; spree. Link

    Sentence: "Teenage binge drinkers set course for life."

    4.Obesity: The condition of being very fat or overweight; corpulence. Link

    Sentence: "Obesity is considered an epidemic, rampant in USA and other developed nations."

    5.Anorexia: Loss of appetite and inability to eat. Link

    Sentence: "Daniel has finally revealed the horror behind his teenage anorexia, a condition that almost killed him."

    6.Bulimia: Also called hyperphagia. Pathology. abnormally voracious appetite or unnaturally constant hunger. Link

    Sentence: "Jill teenage girls with early signs of anorexia and bulimia are."

    7.Manorexia: Its the same of anorexia, but in a man.

    Sentence: "Sebastian has anorexia product of bulimia"

    8.Bigorexia: Muscle dysmorphia. Link

    Sentence: "Agustin has bigorexia, because he go to much to the gym."

     9.Body dysmorphic disorder: A mental disorder characterized by distorted body image and obsessions about perceived physical shortcomings. Link

    Sentence: "Skin picking or neurotic excoriation has been reported in a high percentage of patients with body dysmorphic disorder."

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    Image Description (Cape Town)

    Caption: Nowadays coloured people in Cape Flats feel discriminated by Black people. In the past, this situation was a lot different”.

     In the middle of the picture you can see there are some builders, and childrens, they are located in the street, and are looking at the background where is an old building. That building is to old and the builders rebuilding that building. In the bottom left corner is a black child who playing with a toy and he is running away of the street, just looking the camera when the picture had been taken. In his eyes you can see very happy, because the building is being rebuilding.

    In Cape Flats the people are different from the rest, because they have different culture and they talk with an unusual language of english. The caption refer the different of coloured people and black people, because in the past the coloured people and the black people, they were the same in the culture, and they had not different in to black people and coloured people in the past.